About us

Elegance mebel is factory for  furniture manufacturing

The production base is in Bulgaria,Troyan,district “Livadeto”.

Manufacturing halls
4000 sq.m.

Administration building
600 sq.m.

2500 sq.m.

Total area of the factory
10 000 sq.m.

The production facilities were built in 2013.

A high level of automation,a perfect working environment and safe working conditions, impressive production areas have been achieved.

The management and production employee is 45 people.

In 2017 we started a process of technical renovation and we doubled our production facilities.

We invest in the last generation CNC machine.

In the second half of 2019, we introduced a new digital line for the production of furniture, which allowed us to make furniture from MDF, natural veneer, glossy acrylic panels.

In 2020 the renovation continued with a CNC beam saw, the latest generation edgе-banding machine, and an automatic brushing unit for deep wood processing.

In 2021 we realized a European project, through which we delivered a second 5-axis CNC machine of the latest generation, a four-sided processing machine and a grinder for wooden waste processing.

Our ambition is:

– Production with excellent quality

– Our оwn Style and Design

– Optimal price

We know how!

We can!

Toshko Radulov

/Owner and Manager of “Elegance Mebel” Ltd. /

The main objective in establishing “Elegance Mebel” is the quality as strategy for future development.Our realization is due to the human factor, advanced modern machinery and technology. With our new production facilities put into operation in April 2013,with the best team in our area,with machines and installations of the highest class we guarantee a high-quality products for our customers.
“Elegance Mebel” is a new factory, which allowes us to fully plan the production process optimally arranged for each workplace. All our equipment is delivered from Italy by leading engineering companies in our industry – SCM, Imatec, Griggio, Viet, Giardina, Kaeser, Ingersollraund, Untha. A significant part of our current team produce furniture since 1995, but in recent years we convinced that only experience and a lot of effort are not enough.

Now we can gladly show to our clients where and how they furniture will be produced:

– Spacious machine room free of dust in the air

– Paint room whithout unhealthy content

– our aspiration system

– Our heating installation

– Our compartment kilns

– Our factory areas

……And of course our show room.

In front of us, the team of “Elegance Mebel” stands one main goal – to make from your place – your home. Our main idea in the design is comfort and warmth – how to create them and keep them! This determines the materials we use – only natural solid wood. Our designers will create not only a project for your furniture, but complete interior suggestion – you will get competent advice for color options for floor, walls, curtains, blinds. If necessary, we will draw up electrical and plumbing project. We will take care to assist you in the selection of furniture that we don`t produce – sofas and chairs. We will take responsibility for achieving the same colors for their production. We suggest our projects for free because we believe that customers will trust us.

With the help of the new technological equipment “Elegance Mebel” is in the process of full change in style and models.

The furniture is now more sophisticated for manufacturing, imported details are available,thanks to our CNC machines . Our striving is to the highest class of furniture in Europe. We will continue to strive in the furniture for each client to incorporate a bit of his personality, temperament and uniqueness.

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